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By navigating through this web site you will have a complete understanding of the entire process and pricing for producing your 30 Second Pitch.

Each of the eight videos on these pages will show you a variety of sets and editing techniques designed to stimulate your own ideas on what you would like in your pitch.

As always, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to email or call us:

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The 30 Second Elevator Pitch.
The time you have to tell a prospective client...
 	Who you are, 
 	What you do
 	and why you do it better than anyone else...
Before you give them your card.
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Put your best business face forward!
 Production     scripting           filming               editing                talent              pricing           screening             f.a.q.
Andrew Peplowski
English Only
lise lavoie
English and French
Mike Reid
English Only
sharman yarnell
English Only
Joanne cutler
English Only
Peter anthony holder
English Only
miki mihavolich
English and French
Maurice N. Dias
English, French and portugese
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
The talent pool
Coming soon!
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