30 Second Pitch Web Videos
The 30 Second Elevator Pitch.
The time you have to tell a prospective client...
 	Who you are, 
 	What you do
 	and why you do it better than anyone else...
Before you give them your card.
Your home page is the same.
Add a 30 Second Pitch video to your home page. 
Put your best business face forward!
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Why just 30 seconds?
30 seconds is a an adequate amount of time to explain who you are and what you do to any new aquaintance. On a web site unless you engage the person who lands on your home page immediately you have less than that time before they are off to the nexy site.

We do a lot of different things. How can we tell someone about it in just 30 seconds?
You don’t have to use just 30 seconds but with some creative use of that amount of time you can bombard someone with a lot of information. The point is to pique the curiosity so they will explore your site further. You may need more than one 30 second pitch for your site. Much like this site which explains the process of creating the pitch. There is at least one video per page on most of the 30 second pitch web site. You can do 1 or 2 minute videos if you want to. We just have to design them a little differently. 

We don’t like anyone in your talent pool and we have someone in our company who would be great on camera. Can’t we just film them?
Of course you can. However we strongly recommend a third party. Why? Because they are really good at doing it and offer a polished professional presence while pitching your company and its products or services. Consider that you may have to redo your pitch if the person you use as a spokesperson leaves the company. The people in our Talent Pool are just a selection of the people we can use. They have a history with us and are in most cases, readily available for your 30 Second Pitch. If you don’t see someone you like then contact us. We will try our best to hook you up with someone you like.

Your pricing template, will it give us an accurate estimate of the costs of our pitch?
Yes. While there are some factors which can alter the cost somewhat, the price on the template will be within 10 to 15 percent of the total. The price template is a starting point for you to use so as to budget for your 30 Second Pitch. We are always collaborators for your production. We have a number of techniques that can be used to keep costs down and we will work very hard with you to ensure that your video is what you need at a price you can afford. 

What do we need to supply you with in order to receive the best 30 Second Pitch possible?
A.There are several things that will help.
1 - Salient details for the script. What is most important in your 30 Second Pitch? As producers we are keen to understand your company, it’s people, products and services. We can then work with you to ensure your script is delivering the message you want for your home page. So it is vital that you put some real thought into what you require. We shoot based on a finished script. If you keep changing it during the shoot or in post production it will impact your final cost. Be prepared and do it just once. Get it right the firsrt time.
2 - High resolution graphics and/or photos. All 30 Second Pitches use HD production values. Your art and pictures should reflect this. When we plan the Pitch together we will make you more aware of the specifics but suffice it to say that your graphics/art/photos should be designed for a 16:9 aspect ratio with at least 300 dpi resolution. If we have to further manipulate your files to ensure the quality it will cost you a bit more.
3 - Other Media. If you are supplying any other media like video clips or sound files we will work with you to ensure that the quality of these elements will not detract from the HD production values. As a rule, we like to film our own stuff but if you are far away and it is not practical then we will try to set your cameraman up with the information they need to provide us with the standard of production value we need to satisfy you.

What do we get for our money?
Depending on options you select, you get script writing help, one hour of HD studio time in front of the green screen, the use of a teleprompter, all necessary lights and microphones, post production editing, audio sweetening and encoding of your video as an mp4. wmv, or flash video. Assuming all things go well you can have your finished production in as little as 24 hours from the studio time.

By navigating through this web site you will have a complete understanding of the entire process and pricing for producing your 30 Second Pitch.

Each of the eight videos on these pages will show you a variety of sets and editing techniques designed to stimulate your own ideas on what you would like in your pitch.

As always, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to email or call us:

Toll Free Line - 1-877-976-4040 (Canada)


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